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The United States hasn’t been a big diesel market since the 1980s, but luckily not every automaker has abandoned the technology and jumped on the demonization bandwagon. A diesel-powered car, truck, or SUV is worth checking out if you’re looking for a clean, fuel-efficient vehicle capable of driving hundreds and hundreds of miles between fill-ups. Here are the best diesel cars on the American market.

Days Like These is a British TV remake of the popular American sitcom That '70s Show . [2] Directed by Bob Spiers , it was broadcast Fridays at pm on ITV in 1999 and used many of the same names ( Eric Forman , Kitty Forman ), or slight alterations (Donna Palmer instead of Donna Pinciotti , Jackie Burget instead of Jackie Burkhart , etc.). It was set in the real-life town of Luton , England . Only 10 of the 13 produced episodes were aired.

Diesel - Days Like TheseDiesel - Days Like TheseDiesel - Days Like TheseDiesel - Days Like These