Ghost in the machine, the - new life - This Ghost Gun Machine Now Makes Untraceable Metal.

If a person is ‘a self-conscious mental being’, what is it that makes him so? Is it his body, his brain , his ‘soul’? Imagine that he has a serious accident that leaves him lying brain-dead on a hospital bed. His body is still alive but he is no longer self-conscious nor can he ever be again. Is he then still a person? If not, then his physical body cannot be that which makes him a person.

Pleased with his new eyes, Unicron informs Starscream and Scourge of their next labor: bring Trypticon to Unicron (should have told them that before they left). Starscream heads off to complete the task. Meanwhile, Rodimus Prime interrogates Astrotrain, who claims not to remember what happened, but Blurr reveals that Unicron has his eyes back! Ultra Magnus takes Sky Lynx , Hot Spot , and Springer to investigate, but Unicron drives them off. Scourge is becoming nervous, but Unicron warns his creation that he can take what he has given. On Chaar, Galvatron orders the Battlechargers and Coneheads to locate Starscream and Scourge, only for Trypticon to transform, under Starscream's control, and depart, with the Decepticons in pursuit.

Ghost In The Machine, The - New LifeGhost In The Machine, The - New LifeGhost In The Machine, The - New LifeGhost In The Machine, The - New Life